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Sunscreen Aloe Gator SPF 40 Lotion, 3 oz

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Aloe Gator SPF 40 Lotion, 3oz

Pocket perfect, the Aloe Gator SPF 40 Lotion, 3 oz is easy to carry and water/sweat-resistant, lasts 8+ hours for days spent in and out of water.

AGS Brands has been in Business for over 30 years. The company began supplying the specialty line of Aloe Gator Suncare formulations and over the years gradually items that the retailers needed for their outdoor/active lifestyle customers. Made from Aloe Vera and a special formulation of other Ingredients, the SPF lotions moisturizes while protecting the skin.
  • SPF 40 Lotion
  • Ultra Waterproof
  • 3oz 
  • QTY-12; 12pc per case

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