Insect Repellant Coleman® StingEze Max2


Coleman® StingEze Max2

Longest lasting relief with StingEze Max2

Coleman knows the outdoors, their insect repellents and outdoor gear are here to help make sure FUN is the center of your time outside. Welcome back to the great outdoors, made better with Coleman. Longest lasting relief with StingEze.

The active ingredient in SOME relief products is ammonia, which can dry out your skin and promote the growth of bacteria. Even in low concentrations, ammonia can irritate your eyes and cause your skin to burn and swell.

The Benefit of Benzocaine in StingEze

The primary active ingredient in StingEze insect bite relief products, however, is the topical pain reliever Benzocaine, a milder, more effective alternative to ammonia. It's commonly used in a variety of other skin care products like sunscreens and anti-itch creams.

In addition to Benzocaine, StingEze contains three other key ingredients:

  • Phenol — Relieves pain, kills germs and reduces the risk of infection
  • Camphor — Inhibits the growth of bacteria and provides a cooling effect
  • Propylene Glycol — An organic compound that helps prevent the skin from drying

All of these key ingredients come together to create a highly effective insect bite relief product that stops pain, relieves itching and reduces swelling — all without irritating your skin.


  • With double the benzocaine, our StingEze Max formula provides instant relief for your worst bites & stings.

    • Provides instant sting relief from mosquito bites, bee stings, ticks, chiggers & fire ants
    • Triple-action formula stops pain, eliminates itching and reduces swelling
    • Counteracts negative reactions to bites and stings
    • Benzocaine based formula (* Ammonia Free)
    • With a convenient sponge dauber applicator
    • Ingredients

      Active: Benzocaine 10%, Phenol 1.35%
      Inactive: Camphor, Menthly lactate, Propylene glycol, SD Alcohol 40B 20%, Water

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