Summer Play Parafoil Kite 12" x 19, Carry Case & Super Twine


12" x 19"  Parafoil Kite & Carry Bag

Let's go fly a kite, the 12" x19"  Parafoil Kite & Carry Bag, is just the right size for breezy beach day flights.  Unique Parafoil design allows it to soar high into the sky.

Parafoil Kite- Item #:445

Fly high, the Kite Super Twine offers durable handles and thick Super Twine to keep you forever in flight.  500 Ft. Super Twine in assorted colors and durable easy hold design.   

Super Twine- Item #:446

  • Light weight 
  • Durable design 
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Includes display case
  • QTY-18

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