Winter-Accessories Stage Brass Ski Tuning Brush

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Stage Brass Ski Tuning Brush 

A professional finish, the Stage Brass Ski Tuning Brush allows you to wax you skis like a pro, along with your iron and scraper your are good to go. Brass bristle brushes prepare the base for a fresh hot waxing by cleaning and clearing old wax and the dirt that builds up in it. The brass also opens up the pores of sintered base material to help bases absorb more wax. The outer ring of white nylon bristles clears away the dirt that the brass bristles clean from the base. Tuning your own skis saves money and ensures fun days on the mountain, do it the right way with the Stage Brass Brush.


  • Brass bristles clean old wax and dirt out of ski base structure
  • Ideal for base prep before hot waxing
  • Outer ring of white nylon bristles clears what the brass cleans from base
  • Brass brush opens ptex pores
  • QTY-6


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