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Our Commitment To Accessibility

We are committed to creating an inclusive digital environment. Our goal is to ensure all our website guests, customers and partners including persons with a disability, enjoy our online services unhindered. Additionally, we educate our team to ensure they can help identify when their assistance may be required and assist whenever possible.


We aim to provide an approachable and enjoyable digital experience for all our guests, regardless of physical or cognitive ability, and including those who use assistive technology.

We view accessibility as an ongoing effort and work with multiple marketing partners to undertake periodic accessibility reviews of our website – Additionally, WRA Wholesale endeavors to adhere to the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines in the design, testing and development of our content.

Our website links out to several third-party websites. Unfortunately, we are unable to determine the level of accessibility for these sites or content published by third parties.

If you have trouble accessing any of the information on this website, please email us at and we will work with you to provide the information you seek through an accessible communication method.


If you have any feedback, suggestions, or comments about our accessibility efforts, or you feel that your experience was hindered in any way, please email our Administrative Team, at