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Summer Play Water Gun Steam Machine 16" & 12" Water Guns


Steam Machine 16" & 12" Water Guns

All day fun on land, in the pool or at the lake, the Steam Machine 16" & 12" Water Guns features a cool design and are made from high-impact thermoplastics. The Stream Machine toy is easy to fill and operate and has a long range of 50+ feet.  And, handles with a secure grip, and it will float on top of water.

You’ll have double the fun soaking your friends.  This easy to operate. Simply dip it into the water and pull back on the handle to siphon water up into the barrel. You’re ready to play.

  • Easy to Operate
  • Floats when dropped
  • Quick Filling
  • Non-slip handles 
  • Water Gun
  • Shoots up to 50 feet!
  • Durable hard plastic
  • Assorted Colors
  • QTY-12

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