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Winter - Gloves & Mittens

At Wholesale Resort Accessories, we understand the unique demands of the winter season, especially in bustling tourist destinations like Lake Tahoe and beyond. Our extensive range of wholesale winter gloves and mittens is designed to meet the diverse needs of your customers, whether they're hitting the ski slopes, enjoying a snowboarding adventure, or simply exploring the winter wonderland.

Wholesale Winter Gloves & Mittens, Casual, Ski & Snowboard

Our collection features a variety of styles, from casual designs perfect for a stroll around the resort to high-performance gloves and mittens specifically crafted for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. We recognize the importance of warmth, comfort, and durability in winter wear, and our products reflect these essential qualities. Each pair of gloves and mittens is carefully selected to ensure maximum protection against the cold, while also offering the flexibility and grip needed for winter sports.


Why Choose Our Products

Choosing Wholesale Resort Accessories for your winter glove and mitten needs means partnering with a company that has decades of experience in serving the seasonal demands of resort communities. Our deep understanding of the market comes from our long-standing relationships with over 400 local retail customers, including resorts, gift shops, fuel stations, marinas, campgrounds, and more.

We pride ourselves on offering:

Quality and Variety: Our products are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring high standards of quality and a wide range of styles to suit different customer preferences.

Seasonal Expertise: With years of experience catering to seasonal visitors from major metropolitan areas and tourists from around the world, we have refined our product selection to perfectly match the seasonal inventory needs of your business.

Reliable Service: Understanding the dynamic nature of tourist destinations, we are committed to providing timely and efficient service to ensure your shelves are never empty, even during peak seasons.

Partnering with Wholesale Resort Accessories means being prepared for the high demand of the winter season, with the assurance that your customers will find exactly what they need to enjoy their time in one of the nation's greatest outdoor playgrounds. Look through our inventory below to get started.