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Drive-Thru Retail Solutions; How do you order your burger?

by Dawn Norman April 19, 2021

Drive-Thru Retail Solutions; How do you order your burger?

Drive-Thru Retail Solutions, How do you order your drive-thru burger?

My go to burger...

Wendy's, #2--No Cheese--No Mayo, Extra Pickle on-the-side- Biggie Fry (fresh & hot), Regular Diet Pepsi.

Usually served with a 95% success rate...with occasionally going back for "fresh hot fries" or my missed extra pickles.

But why Wendy's, because I know what to expect, it’s fresh and I like the quality, served fast and hot. 

And, so will your customer's if you consider and implement the following.

Offer Convenience- Train your resort customer to think of you not only now but on future visits to your area...or recommend to friends.

Consistent Results- Repeatedly meet your customers’ expectations by having solid systems and service in place amongst your team members.

Quality with Efficiency- Create an experience for your customer they will want to share with friends. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and it is free.

Reward Discounts- Offer a next purchase or minimum amount reward program.

Usual; yet Unique Products, Service and Experience- Market to the kid in all of us, offer selection, a fun experience and treat each customer with care that makes them feel special and good about their purchase.









Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman