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Luxury Ski Resort Retailing... Did You Know???

by Dawn Norman March 13, 2019

Luxury Ski Resort Retailing... Did You Know???

Did You Know???

$4 Billion are generated by the Ski Resort Industry annually and increasing by 5% every year.

And, you'll  miss out on Luxury Retails Sales if you don't ...

Have an stylish facade/trending decor and appealing merchandising in your shop. The affulent customer expects the same experience from their vacation shopping as they are acustom to at home.

Greet them with poise and graciousness of the same to which they present themselves.

Offer an experience. If the retail shops of a resort offer an outlet mall experience, your luxury customer will pass on it, and not return.

Provide affluent customer creature comforts. They expect and won't settle for less then the needs they have at home. Quality products & Wi-Fi. excellent customer service, convenience, etc.

Make them want to come back for more... year-after-year.


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Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman