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They'll Be Back...Hungry to Celebrate Freedom & Fun.

by Dawn Norman March 24, 2020

They'll Be Back...Hungry to Celebrate Freedom & Fun.

Apply & Survive…

You are no stranger to these times.

You know. The “J” Months of Retail. Low sales and no foot traffic test the fortitude of the most hopeful of retailers. Days are long and it is difficult to stay motivated and focused on the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel.

January, June & July.

January is when most people are recovering from the holiday festivities and shopping budget blowouts.

June and July, when school is newly out and the focus is slowly shifting to what’s next for summer.

As a summer destination resort retailer, you know the “J” months of summer mean BE PREPARED!

They are coming...

The glass is half full.

Now, there is opportunity during this economic stall to prepare.

This too will pass.


And, hungry for freedom & fun!

Will you have what they need? Your competitor will.

Use this rare gift of time to orchestrate your Summer Re-Open for Business plan & attraction.

What will you do now to attract customers when the whistle blows.. Game on!

Think, "Diamonds in your own backyard". Earl Nightingale.

  • Consider opportunities in your current control.
  • Modify your store floor plan.
  • Spring Clean- Merchandise and prepare old inventory for clearance.
  • Set the stage. Capture your customer with Freedom & Fun Sale.
  • Summer Inventory Counts & Planning, Budget.
  • Cushion your finances and get more out of your budget with WRA Wholesale LOW/NO Minimums.

 Your are the creator of your own experience...use this time to make magic happen.



Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman