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7 Daily Dos for Resort Retailers

by Dawn Norman August 26, 2020

7 Daily Dos for Resort Retailers

Little Daily Dos for Resort Retailers..can make a BIG difference in your business.

  1. Securtiy Check - Staying diligent about the security of your business is of paramount importance.

Anything seem off??? Confirm all is well and safe from the prior night.


  • Doors & windows
  • Security system 
  • Keep all doors locked until the moment your store is open to the public.
  • Missing items
  1. Spruce Up Your Retail Space

Start by performing all basic cleaning tasks:

  • Clean all windows and glass surfaces.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Dust shelves and counter space
  • Straighten up any messes such as unkempt shelves, displays, or changing rooms.
  • Thoroughly clean all restrooms and make sure they’re well stocked with soap, towels, and toilet paper.
  1. Set Up Displays and Shelves
  • Weekly Promotion is set 
  • Confirm price signage is correct
  • Fully stocked
  1. Your Retail POS System is Up and Running
  • Let is rest over night
  • Start-up 
  • Confirm it works correctly
  1. Quick and to the Point Pre-Opening Daily Briefing
  • Meet with your team
  • Discuss any new sales and promotions.
  • Make sure everyone is familiar with new products and able to discuss them with shoppers.
  • Talk about any incidents with shoppers from the week.
  • Point out some highlights from the week and give kudos to your best team members.
  • Mention some areas of improvement.
  1. Set Up a Perpetual Inventory Count

Perpetual inventory counts help ensure that your store always has the optimal levels of stock on hand. You can do this by setting up a counting schedule as part of your daily retail store tasks.

Choose certain areas of the store or specific types of products to be counted on certain days of the week for counting and organizing, completing it each day will be easy. By either manual counts or with an inventory scanner, you and your team can keep your retail business better organized and more efficient.

  1. Perform Closing Duties as Part of Your Retail Store Daily Checklist, Too

As important as a good opening to your day is, a consistent closing procedure is equally important. You need to have a routine in place to close your business in ways that make the opening as easy and efficient as possible.

  • Clean all areas of the store thoroughly, especially any that contain food or touch food.
  • Restock areas that are running low.
  • Place orders for new products that you’ll need the next day.
  • Lock up and check all windows and doors.
  • Run end of day reports.
  • Check cash drops and make sure that your cash management system is accurate.
  • Make sure all security cameras are in working order.
  • Power down all computers, including your POS machines.
  • Turn on any night lighting that you have in the store.

A great daily checklist for your retail store will keep team members focused and on point throughout the day. It will also help you identify any problematic areas that need fixing and keep your store running efficiently.


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Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman