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Make Them Stop-n-Shop-Your-Shop

by Dawn Norman February 22, 2021

Make Them Stop-n-Shop-Your-Shop

Enhance Your Customer's Experience to Make Them Want To Shop-Your-Shop

Now is the time...Heading into summer offers a chance to completely rethink your customer experience and in doing so, elevate their total experience. 

It is time to visualize an new more interactive customer experience that will bring them back and make them want to tell their friends.

What new and outstanding experience will you offer your customer this summmer? Consider all aspects of their experience from outside-in.

Is it time to give your shop an exterior facelift?

Does their first impression (from the curb) grab them and make them want to shop-your-shop.

As visitors drive the streets of their vacation destination their heads are swivel from left to right and make mental lists of where to go. Does your external brand Make Them Stop-n-Shop-Your-Shop.

Consider everything, building exterior, signage, window merchandising and more. then carry that brand experience through out your shop.

10 Tips To Help You Build A Successful Small Business Brand
  1. Be unique. ...
  2. Grow your community. ...
  3. Build great products and services. ...
  4. Have a good name and logo. ...
  5. Find your voice. ...
  6. Be consistent. ...
  7. Keep your promises. ...
  8. Stand for something.
  9. Engage your customers
  10. Exceptional customer service


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Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman