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Make Time-Don't Chase Time

by Dawn Norman January 16, 2017

Make Time-Don't Chase Time

No doubt, when you own your own business you are constantly racing…there is never enough time. So instead, slow down and make time.

Often, when I am going full speed, I hear my mother’s word, “You’re always racing, slow down!” Not to mention, your inbox will always be full; there is no catching up.

So, Take-Time to Make-Time.

Prioritize all areas of your business, cut-out the unnecessary and set aside time for necessary. Simply commit to 20 minutes a day to do that one most important thing you have been putting off. The one thing that will make the biggest impact on your business a year from now.

State the goal and action in one simple sentence, then commit 20 minutes daily; and in 21 days you will have a habit.

I realize 20 minutes might turn out to be only five minutes…or an hour and 20 minutes…either way…slowly but surely you will be creating new opportunities and experiences and quality results are certain.

What will you pack into your 20 minutes?

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Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman