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Free Samples_Make Buyers out of Browsers

by Dawn Norman February 27, 2018

Free Samples_Make Buyers out of Browsers

Offer free samples or lifestyle tutorial that demonstrates product value...

Certainly you have experienced it yourself. Recently, while browsing the mall food court I was offered a sample of gyro meat. Already set on a Greek Salad, I didn't partake; but he did catch my attention. For, as while my husband I dined we notice his incredible success rate in turning--even uninterested by-passers into buyers; not to mention the competition wasn't making any such offerings. So it was easy to gleam amongst others.

Now, will this make the potential customer feel obligated? Not necessarily. But the person offering should give a BIG thank you, because freebies save ad/marketing dollars that may be spent on less influential avenues.

Next time you are offered a sample, monitor your response to the offer. Note what works to get you to say yes and what doesn't.

Then, I challenge you to create an experience for your customer.

Next time you introduce a new Wholesale Resort Accessories product, offer a sample demo and tasty treat. Why not try one next week for fun...make  it simple--yet an experience that engages. Partner with a local restaurant or offer a regional food or beverage sample. Offer information about the area while you are demo doing the demo. 

Some stores that really work it...

Barnes & Nobel will let you lounge and read for as long as you want in the hopes and certainty you walkout with purchasing at least one item, even if its from the coffee shop. 

Beauty counters offer the free makeover that most often ends in a sale.

Grocery stores often offer tasty nibbles that results in sales, if not that item, more of other items for it sets a relaxing pace for the customer.

And, my favorite, Trader Joes--I just love getting my sample coffee and browsing only to leave with several items that weren't on my shopping list.

Let me know what has worked for your.

photo credit: Alan Light <a href="">Iowa City, IA</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>


Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman