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Is Your Business located in a Tourist Hot Spot

by Dawn Norman March 07, 2017

Is Your Business located in a Tourist Hot Spot

If your business is in a resort and tourist hot spot, this is how we fit in...

Founded in the traditions of Tahoe, WRA-Wholesale Resort Accessories has served the resort communities of the region since 1982. And, offers the same level of seasonal product expertise and convenient service to customers in tourist destinations throughout the nation.

We refined our products and service serving seasonal visitors from three major metropolitan areas (San Francisco, Sacramento, and Reno, Nevada), around the country and around the world, who come to enjoy the mistique of the Amazing Lake in the Sky --Lake Tahoe of the Sierra Nevada's year around. The region offers four seasons and one of the nations greatest outdoor, ski and lake playgrounds. In serving over 350 local customers, WRA-Wholesale Resort Accessories has perfected seasonal product buying to serve the seasonal inventory needs of Resorts, Gift shops, Fuel Stations, Marinas, Beaches, Campgrounds, Supermarkets, Convenience Retailers, Chain Retailers, Pharmacies, State Parks, Specialty shops, Casinos and more... where retailer's shelves are shopped empty in a single day resulting in lack of provisions and strain on retailers to meet the tourist demands, that's where WRA-Wholesale Resort Accessories serves.

We are your ONE-STOP Solution when it comes to stocking & restocking seasonal inventory.
We provide Low/NO Minimum Order Counts with an Easy, Hassle Free, Secure shopping Experience for our customers.
We offer Same Day/Next Business Day National Shipping Discounts & FREE Local Deliveries.

Please give us a call today to learn more about our Strategic Partnership Program and how we can assist in PLANNING, PROVIDING & GROWING Your Seasonal Inventory, Business & Profits. We are here to help! 

The entire WRA Team appreciates your business. 


Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman