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Real Time Buying

by Dawn Norman March 21, 2017

Real Time Buying

Traditional Buying Calendar Guidelines Are Changing.

The traditional buying calendar combines season buy dates with shipping dates; months of lead-time, hefty financial commitments and large minimum orders strain small retailers finances, budget, and business.

WRA Wholesale-Wholesale Resort Accessories understands the seasonal product buying challeges of Resort Retailer's where sales success is largely determined by weather and the economy. Large manufactures and suppliers require 3-6 month planning and quantity minimums that can take years to sell when unexpected weather and economic changes occur.

There is change in progress....

The time is ripe for change in our market and WRA Wholesale, Wholesale Resort Accessories is a leader in this change.

WRA meets In-season Merchandise needs. Delivery cycle requirements are no longer for the many Winter & Summer Seasonal Resort Accessories offer by WRA Wholesale.

We carry quality products at great prices. We do the work and take on the buying risk.

We offer brands that are right for you.

As your partner to grow you business, WRA Wholesale is asking:

What season do you want delivered today?

Resort Product Market Dates

Manufacturers of seasonal products may have six selling seasons per year which requires long range planning and allocation of funds. For small retailers, unfortunately, long term commitments can result in an unforeseen detoured sales season with unexpected held over stale and aging inventory. 

WRA Wholesale, Wholesale Resort Accessories partners with you in your inventory planning providing same day/next business day delivery with out the risk.

Let us know how we can help grow your business?

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Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman