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What Your Parents Taught You About Business

by Dawn Norman June 29, 2018

What Your Parents Taught You About Business

What Your Parents Taught You About Business

Keep on keeping on-- when things are rough, tough and tumble, that is the most important time for the tides are preparing to turn.

Save money-it provides freedom to grow.

Commit to your goal-- despite setbacks persevere, think creatively, find another way to achieve your goals.

Integrity matters most--honest, fair and reasonable thoughts and actions solidify relationships.

Negotiate the deal--to a fair and reasonable, win-win.

Diamonds in your own back yard--grow your current relations.

Go with the flow--you will discover opportunities you never knew existed.

Anything is possible--allow fresh and new thoughts, ideas and action to be a part of your daily journey.

Make friends--we play and work with people we like, strangers are friends we haven’t met yet.

Balance your work & play--all work and no play…is boring and makes one not so fun to be with.

Follow through-- from beginning to end, don’t quit, fulfill your obligation…find another way.

Dawn Norman
Dawn Norman